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Lis Johnson

Lis Johnson

Lis has been a full-time professional sculptor since 1990.
She has formal training in art history, theory, research and practice, has taught sculpture at tertiary level and exhibited in numerous group, solo and selected exhibitions, has been awarded several public art commissions and completed many private commissions.

Primarily a modeller and carver, Lis is a figurative sculptor who works with a wide range of contemporary and traditional media. A refined aesthetic sensibility is matched with technical skill to produce work which captures the subtle physical details and essence of human life and the natural world. Commissioned work often utilises her ability to faithfully render reality, while original sculpture extends into the conceptual realm.

Her broad range of practice has included work for architects and designers, museums and zoos, and the display, theatre and film industries. Her skills are often sought and employed by other artists.


Phone: 0414 828 073


FUNDERE - foundry and studios - 27 Western Avenue, Sunshine, Victoria 3020, Australia - - 0403 705 290
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